Every movement needs a strategy. Every week that goes by makes more compelling to the lazy and indifferent the argument that it's too late to impeach, and it will interfere with the election.

We need to work smarter AND harder, and sooner, not later.

Please add content to this Wiki, and get pro-impeachment groups that you work with to come and add more.

We need information on every Representative and every Senator.

  • Are they for impeachment? Then let us write and call to get them to take another step forward, and let us work for their re-elections.
  • Are they against impeachment? Then let us write and call to urge them to change their minds, and if they don't let us support candidates running against them. Cindy Sheehan, for example, is running against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who took impeachment off the table.

We need information on everything written about impeaching Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, and on everybody who has spoken out for it. We also need to know our opponents, such as the Project for the New American Century that made the Iraq war their primary agenda item long before Bush came into office.

We also need a better media strategy. Silicon Valley Impeachment Coalition is working on one, but more is better.

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