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David Swanson has written a letter describing the Nixon Flooding Plan. The full letter is at Nixon, Cheney, and Le Deluge.

"Back in 1973," Barbara Ellis wrote in a recent paper that has inspired a new strategy among advocates of impeachment, "nearly 90 Democratic House members banded together to hopper separate bills to impeach Nixon. Two-thirds of them were to investigate whether Nixon's deeds rose to the level of Constitutional standards for impeachment]]; the other third were plain-vanilla articles of impeachment. In October alone, a flood of 40 bills were filed in that Democratic-controlled House."

Today there are 50 or 60 members of Congress who openly or secretly support impeachment or impeachment hearings for Cheney. There are 26 who have signed onto actual articles of impeachment (Kucinich's resolution), several others who have signed onto a letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers urging impeachment hearings, several others who have made public comments suggesting they favor the hearings, and several more who signed on during the last Congress to Conyers' resolution to create a "preliminary impeachment investigation." Conyers has not reintroduced that bill.

Statement from Cynthia PapermasterEdit

Of particular interest to me:

  1. Pete Stark (my opponent for Congress in CA-13) played an important role in the Nixon impeachment flooding plan; he introduced and co-sponsored many of the impeachment resolutions
  2. The cover letter to Zoe Lofgren, who was visited in DC recently by a team promoting this impeachment plan
  3. The office visits in DC were to 32 Reps. and the team members weren't constituents
  4. Resolutions for impeachment can include any of the charges listed, not just those in Kucinich's articles, which many feel are too limited.

Cynthia Papermaster
Candidate for Congress, June Dem Primary, CA-13
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Impeach for Peace adEdit

Impeach for Peace has announced plans for an ad in the Capitol Hill publication, Roll Call on April 29, 2008, calling on Representatives to introduce impeachment resolutions in the manner of the Nixon Flooding Plan.

Take actionEdit

Get involved and help restore our Constitution and democracy. Find, add or update government contacts at: State. Update contact information on the article and the date of contact on the discussion.

Email, fax, call (remind) local, state and federal government officials of their oath of office: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..."


  • Representatives to draft new impeachment resolutions.
  • Request state/local government officials to draft impeachment resolutions or issue a public statement for or against impeachment hearings. You can use this sample letter.
  • Continue to target these officials until you have received their resolutions or statements for or against impeachment hearings.
  • Add those statements to this Wiki.
  • In addition to writing to government officials make sure to spread the word of this campaign to the media, blogs and other outlets.
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