I am writing today to request that the city of Worcester issue a formal statement for or against impeachment hearings.

I will contact you within the next week in hopes of receiving the city's response to this request. Worcester's response along with other responses will be posted on our web site and presented to federal representatives.

Although I am not a local constituent I believe it is my duty as an American citizen to make this request. As you are aware there have been numerous resolutions for impeachment hearings, even one drafted by Judiciary Chairman Conyers.

I and many other U.S. citizens are taking part in a new impeachment campaign titled "The Nixon Flooding Plan".

This is a brief outline:

1) Contact federal, state and local government officials to draft new impeachment resolutions, formal statements re: impeachment, sign on with impeachment and encourage local resolutions to indict the President and Vice President as in Brattleboro and Marlboro:

The growing costs for the war in Iraq and mortgage crisis are devastating to local economies; funding for education, infrastructure, etc. Hopefully these "super-constituents" will remember and help federal representatives remember their oaths of office: protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

My background and expertise is in the housing market so I am most informed and aligned about these issues. Other activists may present other arguments for impeachment hearings.

2) Local and state governments minimally benefited from the housing bubble (capital gains went to the federal government), but bear the brunt of the costs. These state and local officials deserve immunity from the unconscionable crimes committed by federally regulated banks.

When local and state governments attempted to reign in the rampant fraud and predatory practices they were stopped by the Bush administration. Spitzer, if anyone understands federal preemption of state laws. (note the date of article weeks before his scandal)

Now that the inevitable collapse has begun massive taxpayer bail outs are handed to the banking criminals who perpetrated the crimes. State, local governments and their constituents are left out in the cold.

The President is charged with caring for the faithful execution of law. If you contact the white collar investigation unit of the FBI you will find they were directed to NOT prosecute fraud for housing. This is not only failing to execute the laws of Congress, but directives to the FBI and others to NOT execute the laws.

Many local governments are now suing lenders to maintain the vacant properties. It is only a matter of time before the allegations expand.

Crime, domestic violence and other social costs for local enforcement agencies (governments) have all increased because of the financial stresses directly related to the housing crisis. PTSDs from millions of foreclosure victims will need local government's attention. 1:33 tent cities 2:24 domestic violence

3) We will begin webinars to discuss existing and new articles for impeachment. We would enjoy having a representative from your City on the program to discuss our Constitution, impeachment hearings, other potential articles for impeachment and the upcoming elections.

Should you have any questions regarding the rampant fraud and destruction of the American Dream of Homeownership I would be happy to do so. I have approximately 20 years of experience in lending and sales. I have also authored a book on the subject with Dr. Ravi Batra, an SMU economist and New York Time's Best Seller.

My comments regarding an ANPR for non-traditional lending products:

Best wishes,

Michael Blomquist 408-399-0590

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