I was raised on the east coast and came of age during the Vietnam War. Youthful yearnings for a better world drew me to the protest movements of the time. As the the power of that period waned, so did my hope of creating a better world. I spent the 80's devoting time to the development of my business (home renovations). After moving to San Francisco in the early 80's my friends began to die. Within a few years our community had been devastated by the loss of lives and the fear surrounding AIDS. The Reagan administration ignored the problem, forcing us into the streets and taking matters into our own hands. During this period I volunteered my services to grass roots AIDS service organizations. In September 2001 my outrage at the US Government needed an avenue of expression; the anti war movement that followed allowed for some of that expression. However, it has been during this most recent period with the development of The World Can't Wait movement and my role in building it that I have recaptured my youthful yearnings for a better world.

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