Jill McLaughlin is an art therapist working in a psychiatric inpatient setting on Chicago's northside, providing treatment to adults with dual diagnoses. From a young age, Jill was drawn to people and events in history involving issues of social justice and human rights. One memory Jill has is leading a protest in her nieghborhood with 3 others girls demanding women's rights...particularly that women be allowed to be priests (that whole Catholic thing). She struggled with her sexual orientation in her teen years and eventually freed herself by coming out as a lesbian. From that point she aspired to be an LGBT activist and began that journey as an undergrad and at one point served as co-president of the LGBT student group. Watching the nightmare of the Bush Regime unfold and at the suggestion of a friend and the urging of her conscience she decided to act once again. In July 2006 she found and joined World Can't Wait, whose Call to drive out the Bush Regime resonated with what she had been thinking and feeling.

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