International Longshore Workers Union(appx 50,000 members)
The labor union that will participate in a work stoppage on May 1, 2008 in protest to the war in Iraq.

On April 9, 2008 Michael Blomquist sent the following email to the president's administrative assistant:

Robert McEllrath, ILWU President
c/o Linda Kuhn (McEllrath's admin)
1188 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 775-0533
(415) 775-1302 (fax)

Dear Mr. McEllrath,

Thank you and the ILWU for your patriotic stance against the war and those that continue to manipulate its purpose and progress.

We the People, our nation and the globe are facing extremely difficult and sensitive times. It is now evident that the current quagmire in Iraq was a direct result of at least 935 false statements, greed and the self-interests of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Here at home we face an equally alarming crisis within our housing and financial markets. It is true that men, women and children are not blown-up daily, but a ticking (nuclear) time bomb has been lit beneath the American Dream of Homeownership, banking system and our standard of living. Although our crisis is not as deadly, the magnitude is much greater. Each and every one of the 300 million Americans here at home will become enslaved by the housing crisis (except a select few that are bailed out by Bush & Co.) Home equity, retirement accounts and our job markets are being destroyed while our dollar continues to hit new lows. Crime and other social issues are just beginning to materialize as the reality of dramatic budget cuts ripple through local governments and employers.

Inflation is skyrocketing and foreign "investors" could quickly sour on our securities and treasuries sending interest rates higher and our country into depression. Besides not placing new capital, these investors could also demand redress from the fraudulent debt they have already purchased. Clearly, Bush and Company will not handle their requests with diplomacy and the result could be military conflicts.

Unfortunately, my decades of experience and research assure that we are only in the first inning of a double header. Similar to the war in Iraq, the realities of our housing crisis continues to be manipulated and was also built upon a foundation of fraud.

As the President of a large U.S. labor union you have faithfully fought executives and corporations for fraudulent employment data and "protectionism". Despite your organization's efforts the President and many within congress have once again sided with Wall Street over Main Street. Bear Stearns is just the beginning of a long line of corporate bail outs; job cuts and outsourcing will continue. All of these issues could have a dramatic effect on your members.

Unless we stop these criminals there could be more military conflicts, privatized gains and socialized losses. We owe it to America citizens, democracy and our reputation to begin impeachment hearings on President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Please draft a formal statement in support of impeachment hearings to be presented to Congress. Please also have your members sign on with Robert Wexler.

In addition to the existing articles of impeachment the following issues are now being considered.

1) The President and Secretary of Treasury bribed JPMorgan to purchase Bear Stearns with taxpayer funds and without the consent of congress:

2) The President is charged with caring for the faithful execution of law NOT obstructing justice.

a) The executive branch directed the FBI to NOT prosecute fraud for housing. This directive was first issued during the 2004 election and is a direct result of the unsustainable increases in mortgage debt.

Home mortgage debt grew from roughly $5.1 trillion to over $11.1 trillion. Public debt has also experienced huge, unsustainable increases.

$5.1 trillion (2000)

$11.1 trillion (2007)

3) Eliot Spitzer and many others have alleged that the President and OCC stopped the states from protecting their citizens against predatory and fraudulent lending practices.

Thank you once again for all your efforts. We would really appreciate your formal statement in support of impeachment hearings for both President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Please feel free to pass this email along to your members or other union officials.

Best wishes,

Michael Blomquist 408-399-0590

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