We need a grassroots campaign to call out the Republican Attack Machine's lies,the liars who repeat them and make up more, the media outlets who pay them, and the advertisers who support them. We must do this in public where everybody can find out what is really going on, so that John Conyers will feel that he can begin impeachment hearings without endangering the Democratic candidate for President. This Wiki is available for the purpose, but we will be talking with party and campaign organizations about an official Web site.

The lies on Fox are well known and well documented, and people are already writing to the advertisers on the worst of their shows. But we need to go after everybody involved.

Please create a page for your local media, and for local news people, talking heads, and others that spread the lies. Tell us who advertises on which shows. I'll start with Silicon Valley.

Your vote isn't enough. We all have to speak up in order to take back our Republic.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."--Thomas Jefferson

Grassroots by State

Grassroots National

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