The House Democratic leadership gives several reasons for not starting the impeachment process, but it turns out that they are not reasons at all, merely excuses.

  • No time to gather evidence. Nonsense. Bush brags about his crimes on TV.
  • Too busy. Passing bills that Bush vetoes.
  • Electoral backlash. Bah. Humbug! The Democrats did just fine after almost impeaching Nixon.
  • Fear. Well, there it is. The Democrats are afraid of the Republican attack machine.

The Democrats won't impeach these criminals unless the people make them do it. So do something about it. Cindy Sheehan is running against current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who took impeachment off the table just before the 2006 elections.

We have to attack the Republican liars and the Democratic cowards both with the truth. If we don't do it, who else is there?

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