Beyond the existing articles for impeachment there are numerous allegations of Constitutional violations, High Crimes and Misdemeanors surrounding the growing housing crisis.

Elliot Spitzer alleges Bush directed OCC to stop state Attorneys-General from protecting citizens:

(Impeachment article] from long time Bushie, published only weeks before sex scandal)

Michael Blomquist (author, real estate and mortgage veteran) swears (affirms) that numerous field agents in the FBI's white collar crime unit stated they were directed to NOT prosecute "fraud for housing". Call your local FBI branch and ask for the white collar crimes division. This directive had to come from the executive branch and warrants hearings.

The George W. Bush President is charged with caring for the faithful execution of law.

Congress's legislation is useless without enforcement. The President has not only failed to care for the faithful execution of law, but he also directed agencies to obstruct justice.

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