Michael Blomquist called at 8 am pst and was told he was the first call by the receptionist who answered the phone. I should have got her name.

Michael Blomquist called again at 10:19 am and spoke with Jessica. Jessica stated that a "couple" of citizens have called in support of impeachment today.

Cynthia Papermaster called 10:25am and talked to a young male staffer but forgot to ask his name. He said he would pass my comments along to Conyers and the staff.

Ann Catherine called: didn't get through, got hung up on twice and finally got a person the 4th time and left my message asking for impeachment hearings to begin now by bringing H Res 799 to the floor today. I was told that I wasn't the only call on this issue. Please call!

Mike Baldwin called at 11:50am and was assured that his call, and all others, will be passed on to Conyers.

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