Attorney-General Michael Mukasey has refused

Since then House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers has met with Code Pink activists to discuss impeachment.

April 3,2008 meeting with Conyers.

Chairman Conyers argued that there would be blowback in the form of a McCain victory. Our gang replied that the comparison to Clinton was bogus, that the comparison that's more apt is to Nixon and all the other impeachments, and that Congress' unpopularity is the result of their inaction. Conyers also claimed impeachment would take too long and would be slow because of White House stonewalling, which is of course nonsense - when Nixon refused a subpoena the HJC passed an article of impeachment against him for it.

Conyers agreed to meet with Zoe Lofgren re her proposal for a hearing on the impeachment process, and he agreed to meet with Marcus Raskin and to meet with others we choose (except me).

Ellen gave them the argument that impeachment hearings would force McCain to defend Bush and Cheney's offenses, and Conyers and Ted Kalo both liked that idea. So, we should bring in people who can speak to that point (Rep. Robert Wexler comes to mind!).

Also, Conyers said that he has drafted and is circulating to his colleagues a letter to Bush that says that if he attacks Iran impeachment hearings will begin.

Everyone came out of this meeting agreed that for Conyers it all comes down to electoral politics, and the only argument that seemed to gain ground was the one regarding putting McCain on the defensive through Cheney impeachment hearings.

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