Discuss title for the event. Please list ASAP:

Title: "Are Peace and Impeachment Possible?"

Fees: $10; $8 advance; sliding scale for unemployed, students, retired

Invited Speakers: Barbara Lee: not available, asking for brief video to show or aide to substitute Lynne Woolsey: Pete Stark: invited, not confirmed Ron Dellums: Oakland Mayor (Dellums is out of town on the 24th; hopefully his office will send rep) Don Perata: Speaker, California Senate Ron Paul Supporters through meetup groups Cynthia McKinney: David Swanson inviting her Medea Benjamin: confirmed Cindy Sheehan: invited, not confirmed Daniel Ellsberg: invited, not confirmed Danny Glover: not yet invited Michael Lerner: not yet invited Elizabeth De La Vega: former Assistant U.S. Atty, United States v. George W. Bush

Honorees Carol Brouillet, Candidate for Eshoo's seat; Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance: confirmed Brad Newsham, Beach Impeach: confirmed Shirley Golub, Democratic Candiate for Pelosi's seat: confirmed Carol Wolman, Green Candidate for Congress CA-01: confirmed Stephanie Tang (World Can't Wait): invited Veterans For Peace: not yet invited Iraq Veterans Against the War: not yet invited Courage to Resist: not yet invited

Mike Zelinski

Randy Sandberg


Volunteer Tasks-- Reply with your name on one of these tasks

1. make flyer: Cynthia, Laura, Ann

2. Make poster

3. Make color cards

4. Send Invitations: Lynn Woolsey, Zoe Lofgren, George Miller, etc.

5. Send Invitations: Speakers (see list in announcement)

6. Send Invitations: Honorees (wonderful people/groups coming to be honored for their heroic peace and impeachment work)

7. Contact and Get Entertainers and Celebrities some suggestions: Joan Baez, Betsy Rose, Neil Young, Danny Glover, Sean Penn, John Cusak, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Mark Ruffalo Oakland youth performers: Ann

8. Post event to print and online calendars: IndyBay, Volunteer for Change, Peace and Justice, Diablo Valley: Ann,

9. Write Media alerts and send two days before 4/24 (Email list provided)

10. Call media on 4/24 (email addresses and list of phone #s provided)

11. Film the event and post to youtube, codepink,,, indybay, websites of other groups participating

12. Make 2-3 minute DVD of video and photo clips

13. DJ to play music before, during and after show

14. Microphone set up and problem shooting

15. make reserved seat signs, greet and seat Honorees-- "Jane Fehlberg" <>

16. Stage Set-up (table, chairs, podium)-- "Jane Fehlberg" <>, George Cammaro <>

17. Make Name Signs and Place on the stage "Jane Fehlberg" <>

18. Make Volunteer ID tags and hand out Kevin C <>

19. Give out door prizes in lobby Kevin C <>

20. Distribute tickets and pick up unsold tickets and money from Cody's, Black Oak, Pendragon bookstores, Global Exchange on College, others Kevin C <>

21. Make list of comp tickets and give out tickets on 4/24, 6:30-7pm Kevin C <>

22. Set up information tables in lobby, Kevin C <>

23. Provide water on stage and snacks in "green room" for speakers-- "Jane Fehlberg" <>

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