The Democratic party and Presidential candidate Barack Obama have done nothing to make the crimes of the Bush Administration campaign issues, even though they are the reason for Bush's dismal approval ratings.

We need to go to Democracy For America, Barack Obama's Web site, and the various impeachment group sites to raise these issues, and then to the more general political blogs.

Shane, an expert in separation of powers issues, said that Congressional Republicans might be the ones to prevent a constitutional crisis: "President Bush is at 32 percent approval in the polls and has no support to lose. The president seems inclined to stick it out and fight Congressional oversight as long as possible. If Republicans in Congress think that the president's claims of executive privilege give the appearance of a cover-up and could hurt them in their reelection campaigns, they could pressure Bush to comply with the subpoenas."

That doesn't seem to be happening. There is a much better chance of dynamiting Republicans and Bush Democrats in the polls.

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